Let's "Sign up" or "Login"

First, click "Sign up" or "Login" Button

Let's create a new warikan

Click "Create a new event" button to create a new warikan

Input "Title", "Total Amounts", "Members", "Message",
then click "Let's warikan" button.

Let's send a payment request

After click the button, an event is created and you can check the payment status of each member.

When the event is created, a message will be sent to members to ask for payment.
In the mail, there are "Bitcoin Address", "Amounts to be Paid" and "QR code for payment".

Have members open the bitcoin wallet. Then, have it read "QR code", or enter "bitcoin address" and "amounts of money" and ask them to send money.

Let's request payments.

You can send a message to members who is late payment.

Click "Request Payment" button next to the "Not Recieved" label.

Then, you can send a mail asking for payment to member.

Enter the message and click the "Send Request Message" button.

Let's receive bitcoins.

After all payment is finished, you can receive bitcoins.
To receive a bitcoin, click "Collect Payment" button.

Enter the bitcoin address in the input field. Then click "Collect" button.

When it comes to the screen like below, It's OK.
It takes about 30 minutes to put on your wallet.